E-Mail: tante@ownw.de
Twitter: @tante
Facebook: JGeuter
Website: tante.cc

Publications (Auswahl)

As independent theorist tante mostly concerns himself with sociotechnical systems – especially with the political and social consequences of the development, deployment and use of (new) technologies.

tante writes more or less regularly for different German and international publications (such as der SPIEGEL, WIRED, VICE, Boundary2 and German papers like ZEIT and Süddeutsche Zeitung) contributing articles that explain and contextualize ongoing technological developments.

Aside from German conferences like Re:Publica he spoke at international conferences like HOPE, Theorizing The Web or the Internet Freedom Festival.

In 2013 tante published an in-depth commentary on the GDPR draft and was invited to the German Ministry of the Interior as expert on the matter.

In November 2018 he was an expert for the German Bundestag concerning its plans to introduce a Blockchain strategy.