Michael Seemann


E-Mail: michael@ownw.de
Twitter: @mspro_en
Website: michaelseemann.de

  • Data Privacy
  • Decentralization
  • Intangible Goods
  • Net Culture and Activism
  • Online Discourse
  • Platforms

Publications (Selection)

Michael Seemann, born in 1977, studied applied cultural science at the Leuphana University in Lüneburg. In 2010 he started the blog CTRL-Verlust, first at the German daily FAZ, later on his own, where he writes about the loss of control over data in the internet age.

His theories were published in the 2014 book Das Neue Spiel, Strategien für die Welt nach dem digitalen Kontrollverlust which was partly translated and published as Digital Tailspin – Ten Rules for the Internet after Snowden by the Institut for Network Cultures in Amsterdam.

He is the host of the podcast  Planet B – Ideen für den Neuanfang, produced by the German podcast label viertausendhertz.de. His private blog is mspr0.de and together with Max von Webel he is podcasting on wir.muessenreden.de. He regularly writes for several German outlets, such as RollingStoneZEIT OnlineSPEXSPIEGEL Onlinec’t, and DU Magazin.

He is teaching serval seminars at the University of Cologne and the UDK in Berlin. In 2016 he was invited as expert on platform regulation to the German Bundestag. He gives talks on a regular basis to several topics such as whistleblowing, data privacy, copyright, internet culture, internet history and platforms. Since 2017 he sits on the board of the Grimme Forschungskolleg.